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The Nevada Bicycle Coalition supports Bicycle Friendly Candidates for elected office. The Coalition has received excellent responses to our 10 point questionnaire from several candidates in local City of Reno elections and have scored and ranked them. The campaigns for Mayor, Council-member and City Attorney are very important to create the policy and vision for improving the bicycle network in Reno, Sparks and Washoe County as the RTC Board of Commissioners is selected and represented by these officials.
Thus we are pleased to announce the Nevada Bicycle Coalition is supporting the following candidates:

Brett Kandt--Reno City Attorney

Elisa Cafferata--Ward 2 Council-member

DeLores Aiazzi--Mayor

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Nevada Bicycle Coalition


1. Do you ride a bicycle in the City of Reno? If so, for what purposes (commuting, recreation, errands) and how often? Please also indicate how you most commonly commute to work.

2. Describe your past accomplishments that have supported bicycling in our community.

3. Would you support a network of 10 miles of "protected bikeways" (meaning car free greenways, shared use paths or cycle tracks) that our most vulnerable travelers such as children, retirees and physically challenged individuals?

4. Would you support spending more, the same amount, or less on building and maintaining the bicycle infrastructure in Reno? How much is being spent now in Reno?

5. Reno streets and roadways are used by many different types of users. Please share how you prioritize the following road users: bicyclists, pedestrians, motorists, transit, and freight.

6. The Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) at the RTC Washoe is a group of citizens and agency staff who review policies and projects related to bicycling. The BPAC is comprised of staff from several state and local agencies, as well as 11 citizen representatives. Under what circumstances would you be willing to vote against or overrule a recommendation made by the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee?

7. The City of Reno is developing a Complete Streets policy. What should an effective Complete Streets policy accomplish?

8. What do you hope to have accomplished to make Reno a better city for bicycling by 2018?

9. What street in the city is most in need of bicycle facilities? What type of bike infrastructure do you think would be most appropriate?

10. Where is your favorite street in Reno to ride a bicycle?

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