SECOND Keystone Ave Open House, FEB 6 Reno High

Keystone Ave is not a Complete Street

Congratulations to the more than 50 bike-friendly residents who attended the RTC Open House meeting last night and created a positive impact. We will need to continue the discussion and maintain momentum for the year long study. The Keystone Avenue Corridor study will evaluate the options for re-configuring the avenue into a Complete Street which accommodates all modes of alternative transportation. This transformation will benefit ALL users of the corridor by lowering traffic speeds, providing better sight lines  and lowering the level of stress of travelers. These users include pedestrians, wheelchairs, baby joggers, high school and university students, runners, dog walkers, skateboarders, bicyclists and motorists.

Our second meeting with RTC Staff is the opportunity to discuss why a Complete Street Keystone Avenue will benefit YOU and your community. More than 50 residents and business owners came last time to show support for a safer, easier and friendlier corridor to travel. PLEASE come to Reno High and tell your vision for Keystone.

If you can't come, please sign this petition to Chairwoman Bonnie Weber asking for a Safer Keystone

The community will benefit from the reduction in car crashes and improve safety for children and residents with vision and mobility disabilities. Previous road conversion projects in Reno have shown a dramatic 40% reduction in car crashes. These crashes cost our community substantially in time, money and human suffering.

The Keystone neighborhood will also benefit from the economic and social improvements derived from a safe and livable community. Accommodation of residents who travel by alternative means improves real estate values and profits for local businesses.

 In short, for those of us who live by and use the public right-of-way in our cars, on our bikes and on our feet, we request that the Regional Transportation Commission make Keystone Ave safer and more usable for all our citizens.

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